Boost your home comfort & your health with improved indoor air quality

    The majority of our time is spent inside of our homes. According to a survey done by the EPA, Americans spend about 90% of their lives in buildings! With that being said, wouldn’t you think that more people cared about the quality of their indoor air? The HERO Heating & Air team cares about your indoor air. That’s why we offer indoor air quality services for the greater Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina area.

    Indoor Air Quality Services in Mount Pleasant, SC

    Indoor air pollutant levels are usually two to five times higher than outdoor pollutant levels. This can create dangerous consequences for you and your family’s health. HERO Heating & Air can make your home’s air cleaner and fresher with our indoor air quality products. You will be able to breathe freely with our professional IAQ services. When you improve your indoor air quality, it can help you stay healthier and it can make your heating and air conditioning equipment live a healthier and longer life too.

    Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality:
    • Ensure proper ventilation around fuel-burning appliances
    • Use proper ventilation when cleaning, painting, or using other harsh chemical products in your home
    • Maintain and replace your home’s air filters at least once a season (can be more if you have pets)
    • Have your ductwork cleaned and tested for any leaks
    • Clean any and all of your humidifiers and dehumidifiers regularly
    • Keep your house clean by regularly vacuuming, washing bedding, leaving shoes at the door, etc.
    • Install a carbon monoxide detector and leave the rest for the professionals